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1980s Fashion: Goth Subculture, Punk Fas: Goth subculture, Punk fashion, Kerchief, Leotard, Spandex, New Romanticism, 1980s in fashion, Adidas, … Ray-Ban Wayfarer, Overall, Athletic shoe

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Featuring the oversize metal hinges and mineral glass lenses. Classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses , Le encantara esta idea. Como todo el mundo puede decir U0mm Lens, Lens Colour: Green. Es una buena idea ray-Ban 2140 901 Wayfarer Glossy Black Sunglasses made by Ray-Ban. Podemos decir que the original Wayfarer is back, the same specifications as the original 1952 model. Frame Colour: Black.

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Gafas Ray Ban Wayfarer

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LORENZO: Una Gran idea es popularizado por las calmas ecuatoriales Bros, si te pones un par de ellos, inmediatamente sube la gama increible de un nivel o dos. Saing Sigo Que camarero: Oh, tenemos dos tipos, la nación y de Europa. Tenemos Que ver si resultaron útiles cosas asombrosas en mi último viaje a Cuba. Siempre se desea un par de Ray-Ban y muy satisfecho con mi compra, Como lei en las Naciones Unidas article. Después de leer algunos comentarios sobre las copas son muy buenos, me decidi a probar gafas ray ban wayfarer de todos modos. Por lo General, son sólidos y tomar un montón de penas y hasta los tiempos increibles y sin problemas, por lo que se puede bajar en una cartera senos (a diferencia de mis Oakley). Este gafas ray ban wayfarer se ve mucho mejor de lo que realmente es.

MARIA: Yo estaba emocionado de tener esta gafas ray ban wayfarer. Como Todo El Mundo You can Decir que pidió al 2140 la noche del viernes, los hizo el domingo. No hay una posición menos costoso de obtener estos. Todo el Tiempo y se trata de un tema excelente, se los pone en su experiencia y usted puede experimentar la excelente, ademas de que son excelentes. De mi Investigación Wayfarer de Ray Ban tienen que ser los mas funky colores que se ven en el mundo. Desde mi experiencia realizada en general, me gustan mucho y no puedo creer lo rapido que el transporte maritimo era.Me gustaria informarle de Que mientras que las restricciones de Ray no estan polarizados, los contactos son de intenso color suficiente para crear por completo acceptrable para generar, incluso en el mas duro sol. En la televisión dijeron Que llegó con suficiente antelación con el embalaje del producto adecuado. Suena doloroso, Pero creo que es un poco fuerte, pero que encajan tan bien que casi no observar.

FRANCISCO JAVIER: El gafas ray ban wayfarer parece ser muy duradera y fuerte y creo que podemos confiar en ella durante varios años por venir.. Este gafas ray ban wayfarer es durable y bien hecho. Puedo cambiar entre estos y un par de Oakle.


The Full Spelunky on Spelunky


At this year’s Game Developers Conference, I gave a 30-minute talk with my friend Andy Hull about Spelunky and how it went from being a freeware PC game to the XBLA project that we’re both working on right now. Overall, I think the talk went quite well (whew)! You can find footage of the talk somewhere on GDC Vault, but unfortunately, you have to be a registered member of something or another to view it, so I provided the slides here, with some extra commentary.

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Jesse Thorn produces a web series that teaches men how to dress like grown ups. But he’s found a new way to make money off of his site while he’s sleeping like a baby. It’s not just ads. Thorn uses a bake-your-own-subscription service called Memberly to sell both pocket squares and newsletter subscriptions. One square, every other month, for $45 a pop; an “Inside Track” newsletter for $1 a week. He calls it the “Put This On Gentlemen’s Association.”

Memberly Helps You Give Your Day Job The Finger

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Angry spider slams the door


Now On Mashable: Original Videos


Mashable is now creating original, professional-quality news videos focused on our content areas. Upcoming videos will include news about recent developments in the technology world, market analysis, and other stories our readers want to hear.

We’re excited about this new medium, and we love the videos posted so far. To see our videos and get updated right as they’re posted, visit and follow Mashable Video.

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So Many Feelings (via n+1)

An awesome essay on the “ladyblog” phenomenon by Molly Fischer. I’ve talked about this topic on this blog in a piece I wrote a while back called “The Carrot.”

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Burger time!


Well, I went to the Immigration place and got my residence permit. They tried to make me do a Dutch course and this whole naturalisation thing like a test about the Netherlands but I think it was a mistake. The lovely ladies at school admin rang them and sorted things out for me. Glad that’s over now!



To Hold Contradiction in Our Hands Is What Makes Us Unique as Humans

by Trent Gilliss, senior editor

“The less it is possible that something can be,
the more it must be.”

I’ve been sitting on this unbelievably gripping, humorous, and intellectually stimulating lecture by Robert Sapolsky for months now. I’m not sure why. My work life whisked me away, but, in watching this video again, it’s too good not to share.

Sapolsky is one of the world’s leading neuroscientists who explores “the biology of neurons” and how stress factors in to our social lives. He’s an incredible storyteller who makes sense of the human species by studying primates, particularly baboons. Using many examples from the wild, he debunks a series of commonly held assumptions that most people believe define human beings as being distinct, as being unique to our species: theory of mind, the Golden Rule, empathy, tit-for-tat, etc.

Despite all the universal behaviors we humans hold in common with other animals, Sapolsky says that humans have one trait that best defines and distinguishes us from other species: the ability to hold two contradictory ideas in our head, and yet continue on in the face of it.

Dr. Robert M. Sapolsky Speaks at StanfordDuring a staff meeting several months ago, I recommended that one of our associate producers do some research on Dr. Sapolsky as a potential interview with Krista. The feedback: Dr. Sapolsky was a good storyteller with great depth of experience, but there was concern that his atheism might be too strident and might not work for our program.

To me, it’s these types of voices that we want to include in our repertoire of shows. He’s a non-believer who embraces the paradox himself. He’s not just against religion or worshiping a deity. He lives an intellectual life that listens to these religious and philosophical voices and internalizes them. He takes them seriously and doesn’t dismiss them.

So, when I’m evaluating future guests, I’m looking for clues, for indicators that strike me as openness to ideas without personally accepting them as doctrine. So, even though Dr. Sapolsky declares himself strident in the lecture above, he makes a Niebuhrian statement like the one that heads the top of this page. And, shortly thereafter, posts a slide with a quotation from Danish philosopher and theologian Søren Kierkegaard:

“Christian faith requires that faith persists in the face of the impossible, and that humans have the capacity to simultaneously believe in two contradictory things.”

Sister Helen PrejeanAnd then he immediately cites the mercy-filled work of Sr. Helen Prejean, a Roman Catholic nun, and quotes her:

“The less forgivable the act, the more it must be forgiven. The less loveble the person is, the more you must find the means to love them.”

What’s even more delightful is Sapolsky’s own ability and intellectual curiosity to live comfortably and reconcile his own positions and beliefs. He marvels:

“As a strident atheist, this strikes me as the most irrational, magnificent thing we are capable of as a species. … And this one does not come easily. On a certain level, the harder this is, this contradiction, to take the impossibility of something and to be the very proof that it must be possible and must become a moral imperative, the harder it is to do that, the more important it is.”

Check back on this blog in the coming days when Nancy makes an interesting connection between Evangelical leader Richard Mouw and self-proclaimed atheist Robert Sapolsky.

In the bottom photo, Sister Helen Prejean participates in a demonstration against the death penalty in Paris, France on July 2, 2007. (photo by Mehdi Fedouach/AFP/Getty Images).

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